slow down. find some fun and have it. never grow up. say "i love you" continuously. forgive someone. especially if that someone is yourself. breathe deeply. believe in magic. partake in a close-eyed daydream. smile widely. give yourself a break. seek adventure. say yes to dessert. hold a hug for a little longer. be brave. look up. embrace the mess of things. choose happiness. share your heart. 

create your story.

i am twenty-three. this horrible, wonderful between stage of life where responsibility is there but curiosity is overwhelming, the future is haunting and the present is fleeting. it's scary and exciting and serious and complicated and simple and free and ultimately? dangerous, because this is where the chances and the dreams and the choices are either brought to life or buried. there's this defining nature of this age, yet all this possibility. i am wholeheartedly hopeful and torn. 

so, i decided to fight for focus, awareness, attention to detail. because this is it. because right here right now, this is our life. i want to look at it and be present for every piece of it because there's going to come a day when we aren't given any more and the puzzle is complete. and when that happens, i want to recognize each curve and void of each part that shaped me: this vegetarian perfectionist living in los angeles writing a book, collecting moments not things, craving adventure, loving aj and trying to live the little things.

i'm hoping this can be a place where, when we find ourselves resistant to the disarray of life, we're reminded of its necessity, how hidden behind the chaos and thick clutter of the everyday, we're amidst beauty, right where we're supposed to be, and we can help each other feel fulfilled with this recognition  and be uninhibited with every exhale of gratitude, inhaling a newfound calm. i want us to be vulnerable here, amazed by the transparency this state of mind offers. 

these moments i speak of have no intention of capturing our attention, and maybe that's exactly why they should, the breath-catching, all-consuming purity of it pigmented with the promise of unobstructed peace. i have this theory, that life is made of stolen seconds and we can either be the one doing the taking or the one letting them be taken. i hope this is a place where we find encouragement to participate in the everyday because, if you think about it,  this moment is already a memory we're looking back on.

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